Revealed: The secret technique McDonald’s employees claim to use to ensure that customers get LESS fries

  • Former McDonald’s employees claim they are encouraged to under-fill cartons
  • Claim that they are instructed to pinch the package while filling it with fries
  • The food chain has strongly refuted the claims that were shared on Reddit

Have you ever felt short changed when tucking into a portion of fries that doesn’t quite fill the carton? According to some fast food workers, it may not be in your head.

In a new thread on Reddit several McDonald’s employees claim that they were encouraged to employ a ‘pinching’ technique in order to covertly give customers less than a full portion.

Redditor ActualRobot1 took to the forum to ask fellow users: ‘What did your job want you to hide from customers?’

And in several admissions McDonald’s employees claimed that they had been taught the same technique at the franchise in order to give out fewer fries.


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