Mecox Bay Dairy Opening Onsite Store

On Sunday, July 16, join the Ludlow family at the terrific opening of their first ever on location store at Mecox Bay Dairy! From 12 to 3 p.m. participants will appreciate BBQ, cheddar tastings and homestead visits to pay tribute to the great opening of The Farm Store at Mecox Bay Dairy.

Mecox Bay Dairy is the South Fork’s just neighborhood dairy cultivate and is known all through Long Island for their craftsman cheddar, grass-sustained meat and fed pork. Craftsmanship Ludlow established Mecox Bay Dairy in 2003, however the Ludlow’s have been cultivating on their property on Mecox Road since 1875. They are committed to economical, moral cultivating and gratefulness for their ranches scene.

Today, they make craftsman cheeses produced using crude drain given by their group of more than 20 bovines. The Ludlow’s cheeses have won honors from the American Cheese Society and have been included on Barefoot Contessa.

Mecox Bay Dairy items can be found at Long Island agriculturist’s business sectors, nearby cheddar shops and eateries. This denotes the first occasion when that their items have been sold at their homestead. The Farm Store will likewise offer meats, cheeses and furthermore new offerings.

The Farm Store at Mecox Bay Dairy will be open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. day by day, beginning Monday, July 17.

Mecox Bay Dairy is situated at 855 Mecox Road in Bridgehampton. For more data visit

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