Spice in your food could be brick dust

HYDERABAD: At a time, when police are cracking down on food adulteration, nutritionists and doctors are pressing alarm bells on health hazards from toxic concoctions on your plate. At least seven big rackets were busted in last three months in Hyderabad and citizens are being told to be careful about what they buy from the […]

Cashing in on Korean cuisine

Some 15 years ago, Malaysians were introduced to a Korean drama series that quickly became a global sensation – Winter Sonata. This iconic series opened the doors of K-drama to the world, and Malaysia is no stranger to it! Our love for all things Korean – food, fashion, beauty, drama, music and so on – […]

Mauritius: The island where food is everywhere

Inside Port Louis’s Central Market, pink dragon fruits rest next to purple custard apples, in front of boxes of ginger, red onions and ground spices. It’s a globe-spanning display of produce that migrated here along the paths of the sailing ships that brought settlers, slaves and servants to Mauritius. “It’s a melting pot, curry from […]

Finnish Customs seize 950 kg of tainted, carcinogenic spices

Finnish Customs has seized nearly one tonne of spices which were incorrectly labelled or contained dangerous ingredients, according to Helsingin Sanomat. The agency is taking part in the joint Europol-Interpol operation Opson VI, an international endeavour which targets counterfeit and substandard food products, and the organised crime networks behind the trade. Maustekauppias Mumbaissa, Intiassa. Spice […]